How to Link Bank Account to Quicken?

How To Link Bank Account To Quicken?

How to Link Bank Account to Quicken?

Quicken enables you to get a complete view of what is going on in your financial life. You can easily connect your bank account with Quicken and download the transactions for that account in your Quicken account. This will let you get a quick understanding of your financial position and there is no need to check different bank websites for the different bank accounts you have. All the bank accounts you have can be directly accessed by using Quicken.

There are different methods using which you can link your bank accounts to Quicken. The method used to link your bank account to Quicken depends upon the services provided by your bank as well the preferences you have selected. Also, the relationship of Quicken with your bank is also an important factor in determining the method used for linking your bank account. Call on the Quicken Support Number for the support required to link your bank account.

Following are the methods used to link your bank account to Quicken:

  • Express Web Connect: Using this method, quicken directly connects to the bank whose account you want to link. It communicates directly with your bank on your behalf. No need to manually sign into your bank account and download the transactions. Quicken will do it on your part.
  • Direct Connect: Under this method, Quicken downloads the transactions. It also contacts your bank regarding bill pay, money transfers etc.
  • Web Connect: Under Web Connect method, manually download the transactions and then import them to Quicken.

Through Quicken website, you can check the list for supported banks and financial institutes. The method supported by your bank will be used for linking the account. In the case of the direct connect method, your bank needs to give a call for the real-time transfer of money. If your bank will not support it, then it will automatically connect using the other two methods.

In case you are not aware of which connection method is being used for your Quicken account or you want to change the method, then:

  • Open your account and click on tools.
  • Then click on ‘Account list’.
  • Now click on ‘Edit’.
  • Open the ‘online services’ section.
  • Now click on ‘Change connection method.
  • If this method is not there then you can go to ‘Deactivate’ option.
  • After deactivating the account, click on the ‘Set up’ option.
  • Enter the bank name and then continue with the process.

Get in touch with the Quicken Premier Support if you are facing any difficulty while connecting your bank account or errors while using Quicken.

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